78 Squadron RAAF

Kittyhawk Fighters RAAF  WWII

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The Hon Secretary No.78 Squadron Association

P.O.Box 3063 St Pauls, NSW 2031 Australia

78 sq Muldoons mansion on Morotai Island
Jack Connor and  Cliffy Smith  cheers boys !
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78 SQ war painting wi9th spelling errors and locational anomalies

A relic .. hand painted artwork from WWII ..kindly donated to 78 Squadron Assoc .

There are some errors in the listed names above .. Woodlark Is and Milne Bay

were never visited by 78 Sq and Cape Gloucester was incorrectly spelt .

Two great blokes among many ... Jack Connor and Cliffy Smith .. who started the 78 SQ Association

We raise our glass... Cheers Mates !