78 Squadron KittyHawk Fighters RAAF


  DFC  F/L Denny Baker

  S/L   Curly Brydon (second DFC)

  F/L   Bob Crawford (for 75 Sqn service as well)

  F/L   Bob Osment   DFC

  S/L   Digger Shiells

  W/C  Grant Walker



  F/O    David Bortwick (second MID)

  F/Sgt Alan Britton

  F/Sgt Dick Cowley

  S/L    Jim Davidson

  W/O   Arthur Goodwin

  F/L    John Griffith

  W/O   Phil Herriot

  F/L     Harry Kerr

  F/O    Gordon White

Aircraft Claims

F/O   Gordon White 3 destroyed all in single combat 3/6/1944

F/L    Denny Baker 2 destroyed one on 3/6/1944, another 10/6/1944

F/L    J C Griffith  1 destroyed both in single combat 3/6/1944

1 shared destroyed

F/Sgt Dick Cowley 1 destroyed both in single combat 3/6/1944

   1 damaged

F/O     R E Barker  1 destroyed in combat 3/6/1944

F/L     R S Osment 1 destroyed in combat 3/6/1944

F/Sgt C L Smith 1 destroyed in combat 3/6/1944

F/O    N F Blessing 1 shared destroyed  in combat 3/6/1944

Commanding Officers

20 July 1943              F/L  Bob Osment (temp)

14 August 1943        W/C Grant Walker

  1 July 1944             S/L  A “Curly” Brydon

12 October 1944       F/L Denis “Denny” Baker (temp)

  3 November 1944   Richard “Dick” Sudlow

25 August 1945        S/L R Cowan

17 December 1945   G/C Alan Rawlinson (temp)

14 March 1946          F/O T Murphy (temp)

  5 August 1946         G/C Alan Rawlinson (temp)

11 December 1946     F/L Nigel Bradbury (temp)

17 February 1947      S/L “Kongo” Kinninmont


1 April 1948

L-R  G Bardon , Gordon White ,Laurie Fitzgerald

"Stormy Weather " possibly  A29-570  HU-A (overscore)

Photo believed to be at Cyclops Strip  Hollandia

L-R  Jim Harvey (standing ) "Come In Suckers" A29-414

W/C Grant Walker  instructor  

training in Australia

F/L Denis Baker

S/L Adam "Curly " Brydon

besides "Pistol Packin Mama "  A29-512

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    78 Squadron" Top-Gun " Pilots  after  returning to base   from  "The Big Do " over Biak